Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Tree Banner Craft Kit

I'm so happy to introduce my new craft kit, the Christmas Tree Banner! This is one for the whole family to enjoy. 

The kit includes supplies to make a 7-foot banner with 12 Christmas trees. All you need to supply are some kids, maybe some grown-ups, and scissors. 

Imagine this: 
Your family is gathered for Christmas festivities. You gather everyone at a table, or even a nice big spot on the floor, and lay out all decorations I've included. You divvy up the trees and everyone gets to decoratin'. It's fun, it's calming (or maybe even rowdy), it's family quality time filled with love and warmth. And, because you are awesome and on top of things, you make sure every tree is signed on the back, and dated, by its artist. When all the trees are completed, you string them together on the long banner ribbon. Your family has just created a beautiful Christmas banner (and memory) that can be lovingly brought out year after year. You are a superstar!

Or, imagine this:
You have 2 or more kids decorating the trees, and they each want a banner. You cut the long banner ribbon in as many pieces as you need, and everyone gets to make a mini-banner. And you are able to keep the kid-bickering to a minimum. Superstar!

You skip the banner ribbon and your child makes individual trees to pass out to family members as homemade, and much loved, Christmas gifts. Superstar!

You have your child make one or two trees each year. And you don't forget to write his or her name and the date on the back of the trees. Because, remember, you are a superstar. After a few good years, you string the trees together on the long banner and you have created a Christmas Tree timeline of artistry. Superstar!

You really need a break. You get out the Mommy-works-hard-and-needs-some-peace-and-quiet Christmas Tree banner kit. You throw all the stuff on the table, sit your kid down in front of it all, and pour yourself a much-deserved glass of wine. Sit back and relax while your kid is busy decorating. Superstar! 

That last scenario is my favorite. It's most like real life, am I right? Except in real life I pour myself a glass of wine and then one of my kids will spill sequins all over the floor. Ah well, that's one more reason why my vacuum should come with an attached wine glass holder. Is it too much to ask? So, I guess, in reality, you might not get that much-deserved peace and quiet and relaxation, but at least you'll have some cute Christmas trees!

Peyton and Ella loved making their trees.

Peyton wanted only rhinestones to decorate his. He didn't even want a star! I like it because it's simple and sweet. "Peyton, show me your tree.":

Ella used just about every kind of decoration on hers. It's pure Christmas Tree joy. Kind of goes along with her Christmas list. "Ella, show me your tree.":

Thanks for that, Ella.

"Okay! Now a picture of both of you!":


"Mommy! I'm a puppy!"


The kit includes so many kinds of embellishments! I'm talking buttons, sequins, rhinestones, ribbon, paper tree middles, tree trunks, tree stars, star bling, and more! Some of the materials may differ slightly from the examples shown, but all of them will be awesome. It's how I roll.

And, in case you forgot, the box it all comes in is biodegradable! What's that you say? The box is the perfect size and shape to be wrapped up and given as a present? Why, yes! Yes it is!

And here's a little segment we'll make fancy by calling: Banners Across the World!
(But really, it's just the nonsense I go through as I drag my kids around the neighborhood trying to find the perfect place to take the banner's picture.)

Mossy fence:

White fence with too much space between the slats:

 Other white fence with lots of shadows:

And, in the end, right back to its home on the mantel:

Happy Holiday Crafting!


4kidsgrandma said...

Love it...I'm ordering one!

Amanda said...

im ordering one too! :)


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