Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homemade Sugar Scrub

I got a bee in my bonnet to make sugar scrub over the holidays. I had never made it before, so I did my research online and realized that everyone makes sugar scrub with basically the same core ingredients: Some kind of sugar (organic, raw, white, or brown), some kind of oil (almond, avocado, olive, or vegetable), and some kind of essential oil to make it smell nice. 

It was so incredibly easy to make! You take your pick of ingredients, mix them until you like what you see and feel, pour it in a jar, and you're done! It takes all of 3 minutes to make. Kind of. 

'Kind of' meaning that you could be finished right then and there, or you could be like me and spend the next 3 hours fancying up all the jars to make them pretty. I just can't give a naked jar as a gift. It goes against everything I believe in. 

Anyway, here's what I used for the basic sugar scrub:

Turbinado Sugar (Sugar in the Raw)
Brown Sugar
Olive Oil
Sweet Orange and Peppermint Essential Oil
Aloe Vera Gel 

Mason Jars

I didn't really measure anything, but I probably did a 50-50 ratio of the sugars to the olive oil. I started with just the Turbinado Sugar and Olive Oil, but the mixture was a little too coarse for my liking, so I added regular Brown Sugar until I got a consistency that seemed nice. Then I added drops of the Sweet Orange and Peppermint Essential Oil until the scrub smelled wonderful. And I added some Aloe Vera Gel, because it's good and I happened to have some. I don't know if the Aloe made any difference. But I like it, so there you go. 

Oh man, sugar scrub is good! I kept trying it out on my hands as I mixed it. It made them soft and luxurious! I do have a little warning for you, though. If you use it in the bath or shower, be careful because the oil in the scrub can make your bathtub slippery. I wouldn't want anyone to fall and break a hip. For me, the danger is totally worth the sugar scrub experience. But you could also just keep a jar of it at the sink and only use it on your hands. Because look at it! It's gorgeous.

After I finished mixing, I filled all my Mason jars with the goodness.

And I hot glued the inner flat lid of the Mason jar to the outer band lid because I find that whole two-part lid nonsense extremely irritating.

Then I printed up some cute little labels for the top and mod podged them on. I'm hoping they'll be a little more water resistant that way. I also printed up some instructions and hot glued them to the side of the jar. I figured once the sugar scrub recipient reads the directions, she can take that part off if she wants.

I tied a little wooden craft spoon to the side of each jar with raffia.


Then I wrapped each one in a clear goodie bag. Extra fancy!

I am so thrilled with how it all turned out - pretty and practical. And using the scrub makes me feel like I've turned my bathroom into a spa. Especially if I light a candle or two. And after I try to hide all the kids' bath toys. And turn on the fan so I can't hear all the kid noise streaming in from the rest of the house. We do what it takes, am I right?

Happy Sugar Scrubbing!


~Barb~ said...

Oh yes, you are right...we do what it takes, for sure! Nice packaging on the awesome scrub!
Peace & Love,

Mama Kas said...

I did this a few years ago, but with sea salt instead of sugar, and shower gel instead of oil. I like your idea of using more natural ingredients. My packaging wasn't as nice either. :-)

OnCleverMode said...

They look gorgeous! Any girl would be thrilled to receive your scrub.

call me Laura said...

Have you seen all of the craft kits featured in the Valentine's issue of Oriental Trading, I bet you could snag some ideas and spruce/class up some kits.

Country Girl in the City said...

This looks so nice!! I made an olive oil and salt scrub last winter and that worked nicely too. What a difference it made for my skin! I think I'll try your method with the sugar this time.

Fiona said...

Great tutorial- so well explained...and beautiful packaging!
We made some sugar scrub over the holidays- it is so easy to make- what a great surprise! It is so fantastic on your skin! Thanks, Fiona

Diana Lee said...

Great idea, and very clear tutorial! Do you have any sense of how long this scrub would last? I might want to use this as a bridesmaids gift, and it would be super-helpful if I could make it a couple of months ahead of time to avoid the last-minute DIY rush.

Darcy said...

Hi Diana Lee,
What a great idea to use it as a bridesmaid's gift! Since the scrub is oil and sugar based, I think it should be fine for at least a few months, probably more.

Anonymous said...

ok so your instruction label says mix well before each use! Would it need to be mix in the jar or after its scooped out. And is it mixed with water?

Darcy said...

The sugar/oil can separate, so you can use the little wooden spoon to mix it a little within the jar. You don't mix it with water, although you will want to rinse with water after you use it.


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