Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rainbow Cake

So, last post I was telling you about how I was going to make THE Rainbow Cake to celebrate the last week of school. 

Well. It's official.

The Rainbow Cake ROCKED. IT. OUT.

It took some time, but really, it was quite simple to make.

I used 2 boxes of regular white cake mix, but I'm sure you could get all fancy and make some really delicious cake. I might do that next time. But for our first go round,  I wanted it as easy as possible.

I just made the batter according to the directions on the box.

I used this Wilton icing color gel. I got mine at Walmart for $1.50 each. It was a baking investment for that price, but I can probably get at least a good 4 or 5 more Rainbow Cakes out of them.

And technically, when you are photographing your color gel, Ella says you should arrange them into a happy face, like so:

Miss Ella and I had fun while we made the cake batter and separated it not-so-evenly into 6 bowls. Then we added about 1/2 teaspoon of gel color per bowl. Supposedly the two boxes of cake mix should divide into about 1 1/2 cups of batter per bowl. Our purple layer ended up much bigger than the others, but purple is Ella's favorite color, so it worked out well for us.

Ella is the stir master!

We baked and we cooled (in two batches because even though I bought two brand-spanking new cake pans for this endeavor, that only brought my cake pan ownership up to a whopping four pans).

See how big the purple is? I tried to cut the rounded tops off all the layers to make them flatter and more layer-worthy, but our purple layer was still huge. And, also, my layers were never actually layer-worthy. Not straight AT ALL I tell you!

I assembled and frosted. I also tried to do that trick where you place pieces of wax paper underneath the edges of your cake before you frost it. And then, when you're done frosting, you pull the paper out and your plate is all sparkling clean and frosting free. Except I placed a couple of the pieces of wax paper too far in and the whole purple layer tried to escape when I tried to pull the paper free. So I had to hold the bottom layer in place and get frosting all over my hands while trying to rescue the wax paper.

Note to self: Try not to be an idiot.

And then I frosted some more. I used this buttercream recipe because I had never made buttercream frosting before and it sounded yummy and easy. And it was, but I had to double the recipe, and even that wasn't enough to frost every layer and the entire outside of the cake, soooo.... Every time I took a bite I was thinking about the 4 STICKS OF BUTTER that I used. Next time I'll try something else.

Peyton and Ella were in charge of the sprinkles, so most of those either got dumped on the cake or were rolling willy-nilly on the table and onto the floor.

Ten seconds worth of sprinkling:

And then the sprinkle pour and pat down technique:

Then we stuck it in the fridge until after dinner.

Isn't my new platter adorable? I won it in a giveaway from Ampersand. I love it!!!

Back to The Cake!

I was excited, because I've never made a 6-layer cake before, and apart from it being semi-naked from lack of frosting, it looked nice from the outside. And when I cut out the first slice OH MY GOSH! I was jumping up and down and squealing with joy!

It's so beautiful and rainbow-y!!!

And James and Peyton and Ella were as thrilled as I was! Even though Peyton and Ella helped me make the cake, they were still totally in awe of their fantastically skilled baking mama. And even though it took absolutely no great baking skills, I will take all the kid admiration I can get. I love this cake!

My sweet family has declared that The Rainbow Cake needs to be a new Last Day of School tradition.

I'm in!

Oh Rainbow Cake, how I love thee.

Thanks for rocking it out.


Ali Richardson said...

IT.IS.AWESOMENESS!!!! And, yummy yummy in my tummy!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation with us Auntie darcy. Mmmmmm Mmmm!

mickymunchkin's corner said...

WOW! this is amazing! I used to make rainbow cakes by colouring the dough in different colours and then throw all the different colours in the pan on top of each other. baked it looks pretty cool, too, marmorised (sorry, my english is rotten this morning, I'm not quite awake yet...)
But your cake really rocks!!!!

4kidsgrandma said...

WOW...beautiful! Cool tradition, too! Way to go, Darcy!

The Hancock Family said...

Wow!! Beautiful! :) I made rainbow cupcakes a while back for St. Patrick's day..I LOVE the way it looks when you cut into it! Soo pretty! :)

Catherine said...

Wow, what colors! Beautifully done!

I would love if you would come link up to my party.

Ricki said...

It looks amazing!! I'm making the exact same cake for my kiddos' birthdays next weekend. I hope it turns out as great as yours!

By the Bluegrass said...

Oh, this is seriously awesome! And, looks so yummmm!

Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

It looks so beautiful!!!! And I snagged a bite of Ali's slice. It was soooo good! :)

Heather Bea said...

I've seen a few rainbow cakes floating around blogland...but yours is the BEST! Those colors are striking! Great job!

Jill said...

This turned out SO well! I can never stack cake very well either!

Jenn said...

Everytime I see this cake, I still am so impressed. It is such a stunning cake! Does all that gel food coloring give the finished cake an odd taste?

Darcy said...

Thanks Jenn!
I couldn't taste the coloring at all. I really thought I would be able to, but nope! It's odd-taste-free! :)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow!!! That is so beautiful!!!!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

wow, that is beautiful!!! I've tried to make layer cakes before and I always mess up, lol. I really want to try this, though!

Kirsten @ Mushki Loves said...

Hi! I LOVE rainbow cake! Yours turned out awesome! I am a new follower!I would love it if you stopped by blog, take a look around and if you like what you see, follow me back! Thanks!
Have a great holiday!

Laura @ TheMeckleys said...

This looks amazing! I am planning to make my first rainbow cake for Kayden's 1st Birthday in a couple weeks. I got 3 boxes of cake mix but I see you only used two...I'm wondering if I should only use 2 now or if 3 will make a monster cake!!

LL said...

One of the best rainbow cakes I've ever seen (watch out Martha). Like the added sprinkles. Feel'n inspired. You rocked it!

~Rosanne said...

I totally get the thrill of cutting into a rainbow cake and seeing all the colors. Even though you made it and know its rainbow there is something so cool about cutting into it. My daughters 10th birthday cake was like that and no one knew until we cut the cake. The response couldn't have been better.
Great Job!

Darcy said...

Well, our cake was really big. I guess it depends on how many party guests you will have, but 2 boxes did make a lot!
Have a great party!! Happy 1st birthday Kayden!!

Head Ant said...

I'm sure my cake would look like the Leaning Tower of Piza if I attempted this. But you did great!

Always use butter in frosting; but find a recipe that both butter and shortening. Bad for you, maybe, but better than canned!

Ginger@gingersnapcrafts said...

Wow. :) I must try this out sometime. Yours turned out beautiful. Following you from Tip Junkie‘s link party. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog. Hope to see you there. :)


Anonymous said...

This recipe looks so good and fun. I would love it if you came over to my party "Cast Party Wednesday" tomorrow and shared some of your recipes with us.
I hope to see you there!

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

I love this project so much I featured it at my weekly Hookin' Up with HoH Link Party! Congrats!

Feel free to stop by and grab a button!


Allison @ House of Hepworths

Crystal said...

I've made this cake a couple of times. We just love it. :)

Great job!

{nifty thrifty things} said...

Very cute!
Thank you so much for sharing this @ {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
I can't wait to see more from you on Sunday!

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I made the same cake for my kids at St. Patricks day and it was a huge hit. I have been thinking I should try the same idea with red white & blue for the 4th or purple, orange and green for Halloween with chocolate icing. . .

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I LOVE THIS! I need to make this for my baby girl's 1st birthday. So fun! I've got to say how much I enjoyed reading your tutorial! You really keep things upbeat and funny, thank you! I can't wait to read some of your kids craft posts!

I'm your newest follower, coming over from Ginger Snaps Link Party. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hello and follow back if you'd like. :)

Vasudha Narasimhan said...

amazing amazing blog... i dont have words to explain....i simply loved it...

Anna Sparks said...

This is SOOOOO COOOOOOOL! I LOVE IT! I have to find an occasion to make this!

Anonymous said...

I'm making this cake for my daughter's first birthday today. Thank you for breaking down how much cake batter and gel you used for each layer!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Btw...not sure if anyone else noted this, but just in case you want your cakes baked more evenly (because let me tell you, I'm probably the worst at leveling cakes, haha!) there are cake "Bake Even Strips" by Wilton, but I figured out that you can make them for free. Just take an old towel and cut it into a long enough strip to fit around the side of your cake pan. Wet, ring it out a little, and wrap it around the outside of your cake pan. (make sure the strip is wet before you pop it in the oven) You can use a sewing needle to hold it together while it bakes. I love it...makes it sooo much easier, virtually no leveling needed. Again, awesome cake! I love surfing the web and checking out beautiful cakes like these. -Melissa

Andrew said...

My friend and I tried baking this cake yesterday. It was beautiful and delicious! We didn't follow the instructions exactly (we only used 1 box of cake mix) but the end result was great. The layers were a bit thin and hard to arrange without tearing (again, using 1 box) but we still ended up with 6 colorful layers coated with my friend's homemade butter cream icing. Amazing cake!

Anonymous said...

I'm making this cake for my daughter's birthday party Saturday (it'll be 2 hours away). Do you kno how tall was the cake after it was all put together? I just hope my cake serving tupperware is tall enough. Also could I make it the afternoon before or wait as late as possible to make it or try to hold off until morning of? The party is at 1 on Saturday but we will be leaving the house at 9 that morning so it will also be in the car until we get to NC. Hope to hear from you in time! Thanks inadvance!

Darcy said...

Hi Anonymous!

I'm not sure exactly how tall it was, but it easily fit into my WIlton Cake Caddy.

I've made the cake a day before, frosted in between the layers and covered it tightly in plastic wrap. The day of the event, I covered the outside with the rest of the frosting and it was fine. :)

Hope this helps!


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