Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stained-Glass Butterfly Craft Kit

My Stained-Glass Butterfly Craft Kit got revamped! Oh, the colorful sparkliness of it all!

So now the craft kit makes even more butterflies! It contains supplies to create FIVE butterflies with lots of mix and match decorations - colorful tissue paper for the wings, preprinted decorative paper butterfly bodies, iridescent chenille stem antennae, and lots of sparkly sequins!

I'm pretty proud of that rainbow butterfly. I ripped the tissue paper into long strips and just went for it. Then I matched the sequins going down his body so he's extra, extra rainbow-y. I love him so much that I made him my etsy shop avatar. And then I was inspired to change my shop banner, too. Go look! He's my own little fluttering muse. 

Ready for some behind-the-scenes glamour? Now, I'm not a professional photographer. But I'm pretty sure any professional photographer would have taken the butterfly pictures EXACTLY like I did.  

Which is by lying on my back on the dirty cement while giggly, squirmy kids held a backless, glass-is-taped-to-the-wood-and-it-might-fall-out-and-shatter-at-any-moment frame above my head so I could take pictures.

They could not, for the life of them, hold that frame level.

Do you see what I go through? It's a very dangerous line of work I'm in. 

Oh, look! That kid there thinks holding the frame with his 8 year old thumbs is perfectly safe.

I could not get out from under there fast enough.

But anyway!

Big news! I've changed my craft kit packaging! Slowly but surely, I'm going to be switching over from the bags to these extra fancy looking things:

I loved the bags, but boxes are much more sturdy. 
It also might have something to do with the fact that when I had a booth at an outdoor craft fair recently, the craft kit bags kept blowing over and it was really driving me bananas. BANANAS! I just don't need any extra crazy in my life.

And, seriously, this box is a gift giver's dream! It's colorful and pretty enough to give as is, or you could easily wrap it up in decorative paper, or you could just slap a bow on the top and call it a day.

Anyway. Look how cute the back is! Why, yes, I do feel a little extra professional right about now.

Did you notice how the rainbow-colored blocks on the packaging match the banner in my etsy shop? I'm pretty excited about all the changes going on around here.

The butterflies look best taped to a window, but you could also hang them up on your child's wall, like so...

Or go for a simple framed look...

Cute! Cute! 


Happy crafting!


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