Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooky Banner Craft Kit

It's a new Halloween Spooky Banner! I don't think I've ever had a banner with so many different things going on at once...

We have a boy Jack-O'-Lantern, Bride of Frankenstein, Skull and Crossbones (this one happens to be a girl, but you can make a boy as well), 

A Ghostie, Frankenstein's Monster, And Candy Corn (it's spooky because it will rot your teeth! Ha!)...

And a Spider (okay, this one's also a girl - I can't help it! - girls are more fun to accessorize - but any of these can be made into boys), a Mummy, and a girl Jack-O'-Lantern...

And a Witch, and a Bat, and Dracula!

I KNOW! It's a lot. Are you overwhelmed with all the possibilities? 

Well. It gets better. 

Each little scrapbook paper decoration you see - Pumpkin stems, Bride of Frankenstein's hair, Frankenstein's Monster's hair, Dracula's hair, Witch's hat and hat band, Spider legs, Skull and Crossbones' bones, and Bat wings - comes in 3 different paper variations in the kit. So, not only are there lots and lots of paper choices, if you decide you want to skip the Skull and Crossbones and Bat and make 3 spooky Spiders instead, go for it! The paper supplies are there. And they are awesome.

And then. It gets even better.

This kit has tons of decorative ribbon (I mean, I didn't actually weigh it, but I'm pretty sure it's about a ton), and crushed tulle for the Ghost...

And muslin Mummy wrap, orange flowers, hand-punched rosy cheeks and eyelashes and curls and ghost eyes (I hand-punched each and every one!)... 

And wiggly eyes and colorful sequins and black buttons! Oh, and I even include a pencil so your little one(s) can draw sweet or spooky little mouths onto the faces. It does not get any cuter than child-drawn mouths!


And it all comes packaged in a cute little box...

Happy Halloween Crafting!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

3D Hand Drawings

I saw this cool 3D Illusion Hand Drawing on pinterest. The actual pin doesn't even have written directions, just step by step pictures, but don't worry, that's all you'll need! 

So my kids and I sat down with some paper, a pencil, and some markers and got to work.

It was awesome. And by IT, I mean the quiet that consumed the dining room as my kids worked for a good half hour creating their 3D hand drawings. The hand art turned out great, sure, whatever, but it was The Quiet that was MAGNIFICENT. And, therefore, I strongly recommend this art project.

Peyton is 8. He ran out of steam before he could color the bottom two rows, but still it looks pretty darn cool.


Ella is 6. She colored her fingers different colors, "So they'll stand out more!" Geez. Maybe it's not as strong of a 3D effect, but we'll pretend it is anyway because we love her. For only being 6 years old, I'm still pretty impressed.

Both Peyton and Ella LOVE their 3D hands. They are totally proud and amazed at what they accomplished. It was a simple project with only few supplies and no mess at all. And the QUIET! Did I mention the quiet?

This next one is mine. I think it looks so cool! 

Art project success!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm Back!

A little bit. I'm trying to back into the swing of my blog. I know I was never really in full-force before. I mean, c'mon! Once a week blogging? It's for blogging wimps.

I am a blogging wimp.

I love my blog, I love sharing things with you, and I LOVE reading your comments, but sometimes blogging is a little bit of a labor of love. I kind of enjoyed my summer off. I may do it again. Watch out!

Anyway! Let me start off with a super short post about what we've been doing a lot of lately:

Which is, mostly, laying around this house in different places, trying to find the coolest place possible in this UN-RE-LENTING HEAT.

Because we moved! Yay! But we have no air conditioning! Boooo!

Today was ONE HUNDRED. AND THREE. Because just one hundred degrees is just not enough. So nature threw in an extra bonus three degrees. Damn you, nature.

Anyway, Penny has found her perfect spot. On the cool stone next to Norman the Meditating Gnome. I may kick her off soon because that most definitely looks cooler than my place on the couch.

Tomorrow is only supposed to be 94 degrees. Don't be jealous.


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