About Me

Hi! I'm Darcy.

I've been married to my husband, James, for 10 years. We dated for 4 years before that, so this whole thing has been going on for quite some time. Don't expect me to gush about how we're soul mates because that sort of thing makes me gag. I love him and he loves me and most of the time we kick ass together. Other times we learn how to grow together. And there you go.

We have two kids and they are amazing. Which is to say that sometimes I cannot even believe how beautifully wonderful they are, and sometimes they drive me freakin' crazy, yo! I enjoy wine. (What? How did that get there?) Peyton is 8 and Ella is 6. They were both born around Christmas time, and yes, I definitely should have planned better on that one.

Oh, yeah, and we have a dog. Her name is Penny and she's a beagle-and-something-else-mix. We're not quite sure. Before we got a dog, my family alternated between begging me for a dog and begging me to have another baby. Now that we have the dog, my family alternates between begging me to let the dog have puppies and begging me to have another baby. NEITHER of those things is going to happen.

I love sharing crafty stuff. Oh, and I cook, too. And sometimes I like to show off the craft kits that I create for my etsy shop.

Welcome to my blog!


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