Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday EyeBot Box Craft Kit

So... EyeBots.

You never knew you needed them, I'm sure, but could you really ever live without them after seeing this...

And this...

And, hey! Why not? This...


And if that all that EyeBot adorableness isn't enough, check this out...

THE THING IS A BOX! I know! It's awesome. 

Just imagine all the sweet treasures your little one will keep safe and sound in there. 

(True story: I recently had a table at a local Holiday Boutique. A little boy came along and was looking at all the craft kits and samples I had set up. He had some money to spend and was planning on buying himself a craft kit. I picked up the sample EyeBot that he had been eyeing, and opened it up to show him it was a box. His eyes LIT UP! It was fantastic. The kit makes two EyeBots? Perfect, because this little sweetie wants to make one for his 1-year-old sister's room, too. My heart just about melted.)

So here's the situation! This craft kit makes 2 awesome little EyeBots - Minion-style AND Robot-style - so you can make one of each style or two of the same. And it comes with paint and paper and craft foam and lots of mix-and-match decorations. 

And look how cute the packaging is!

Want to know EXACTLY what comes in the kit?  Just look on the back of the box!  I know! There's a lot of crafty goodness in there!

Happy Holiday Crafting!


Ali Richardson said...

I loooooooove those bots!! Oh - and I see a typo on the packaging. EyeBbot.

Darcy said...

Son of a Blee Blob! I just wasted a good 9 minutes of my life fixing that silly little typo. Dang it!

Thanks, though - I seriously would have been so bummed if I kept doing that!:)

Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

SO so cute!! :) Good addition to the kit team, for sure!

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