Monday, February 16, 2009

Ella's New Game

It's called: I Should Be Sleeping In My Bed - Can You Find Me?

"Ha Ha Sucker! I fell asleep behind the door while listening to Mommy and Daddy watch TV! Do you need a recap of last week's "Lost"? Because I can totally give it to you. "

"Ha Ha Sucker! I took my blanket into the hall outside my room and fell asleep. When Mommy came to check on me, she actually walked around me thinking I was a pile of clothes. Then she didn't see me in my bed and figured it out. Maybe if she was a better housekeeper, she would have noticed sooner."

"Ha Ha Sucker! This time I'm not even sleeping! I'm playing with my toys! When Mommy came in to check on me, I held really still. Somehow she still found me. She must possess some kind of Super Hero x-ray vision powers."

"In case you weren't keeping score: I win. Mommy loses!"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh!

So precious when they think a drape makes them impervious to discovery. And the feet sticking out--adorable.

Great pictures capturing special moments of childhood.

MySweetThree said...

LOL!!! Too Cute!!

Rose said...

Oh my gosh how CUTE!!! Love the picture with the feet sticking out...she was invisible ;)

DreamON said...

Ha Ha, I remember that game! My daughter used to cuddle up to sleep by her door on her tummy with her behind up in the air. Guess her bed was too soft!


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