Saturday, July 18, 2009

"O at Home" Can Suck It

I LOVE Oprah.

If there was a stronger word for love, I would totally use it in that last sentence. I adore her. I read whatever books she tells me to read. I listen very, very carefully to whatever exercise and food regimens her doctors tell me to follow - and then I don't follow them, but still, I listen carefully. Love. Love. Love. Love teetering on worship. As in, if she told me to drink the Kool-Aid, it would take me AT LEAST 30 seconds before I told her to suck it. (I just reread that sentence, and it stung a little.) And most of those 30 seconds would be spent gazing into her Oprah eyes in Oprah awe and soaking in the Oprah love.

And the only reason I can write this post in good conscience is that I'm pretty sure Oprah herself had nothing to do with my issue.

And here it is:

Plink is the name of the color of my daughter's room.

A few months ago, "O at Home" magazine made a list of "10 Shade Names We'd Never Allow on Our Walls." Yeah, I'm a little behind on my magazine reading.

Now, how many paint color names do you think there are in the world? I'm going to venture a guess that there are no less than ONE GAZILLION. Out of all those, can you guess, JUST GUESS! what "O at Home" picked as number 10 on their stupid little list? OH, NO YOU DIDN'T "O at Home!"

And, you know what, I don't really care what paint colors they'd allow on their million dollar walls. But I want the rest of the world to know, Plink is a darling color. And out of all the colors in the paint section of Lowe's, Ella chose Plink for her room. Of course, she might not have the most discernible eye for color, she is only three years old. But I fully support her and her decision.

At the bottom of their list they have a little: *Manufacturers to remain nameless.

Valspar makes Plink. I support them, too. I think the name is sweet. It reminds me of the sound a penny makes when you throw it in a wishing well. It's hopeful and small and sweet. How can you argue that kind of logic?

You might be thinking, "That Darcy - she's a whackamo. She's just making this crap up."

And if you are, first of all, who makes up crap like this? It's ridiculous.

For more proof, see this post to see Ella's cute little face when the Easter Bunny brought her the paint that she had picked out.

And secondly,

I know, right? It's DELIGHTFUL!

And that is why I am speaking out against "O at Home" and their stupid-ass list.

And that is why, on behalf of my daughter, I am telling "O at Home" that they CAN SUCK IT. And when I get their magazine in the mail, I am totally going to read my "Better Homes and Gardens" AND the regular "Oprah" magazines BEFORE I read "O at Home" as a vow of solidarity to my baby girl. I may even make little Plink-colored awareness wristbands and send them out at Christmas. Who's ready to join us? Power to the Plink!

My sweet little Ella. Mommy's got your back, baby girl!

*Epilogue: When I went to attach a link to "O a Home" - because you know I still love it - I realized they had stopped publication! I thought I hadn't seen any new issues because I was so far behind on my magazine reading. It just goes to show what happens when magazines make crappy lists about beautiful paint colors - cancellation, baby, cancellation. Take note home magazines! Or I'll come after you, too! Power to the Plink!


Leslie said...

I love that color! It is very pretty. And your daughter's room is absolutely adorable :)

Have a wonderful weekend :)


{Katie Lane} said...

I love this post :) You are darn right plink is an beautiful color. I want to go out and buy some right now in protest!

Dina said...

thanks for the laugh - and I also love this color!!!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Love the plink! Even her majesty miss O can be wrong.

Ali Richardson said...

Ella Bella, if you wanted a paint color named POOP on your walls, you could have it. You can have anything you want pretty girl!! Anything!!!! Yay for Plink! Booo for "O at Home." P.s., if you can recall, this is one area where we are totally diferent, Oprah seriously annoys me ;)
Love the pics of the room, it looks GREAT!!!! xoxo

pudgybudgie said...

See, now my 4 year old wants to paint her room pink. I might have to go buy some Plink because that looks great.

Anonymous said...

Her room is adorable!

I am sure the crazy pink bubble-gum color my twins picked out as 3 1/2 year olds wouldn't make the cut either but what could have been cuter than two little girls picking up their paint brushes to help make their room beautiful.

I'm a fan of letting kids pick the room they want (within reason and maybe, just maybe, with a push in one direction or another from mom).

Just found your blog in the last week or so and have been enjoying it.



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