Monday, August 10, 2009

Piggy Bank Kid Kit

This Piggy Bank Kid Kit has to be one of my favorite craft kits. It's cute and functional. And cute. Really, really cute.

This kit came about because of my sweet little boy (who just lost his first tooth! It's one of the middle bottom teeth). He had a blue piggy bank, and he loved it. He liked to put his money in. Take it out. Put it back in. Over and over and over. And then that little blue piggy bank broke. And he cried. And I was so sad for him. I wanted him to have one that wouldn't shatter. So we made one. His is a boy pig and it has blue camouflage felt:

And Ella wanted one, too. But hers had to be extra girly, so she chose sparkly red felt:

They are made out of a tissue box! Sweet repurposing bonus! And when I cut the top slots on our piggies for the money to go in, I cut them big enough for Peyton and Ella's little hands to reach in and get their money. Because I enjoy dirty, filthy coins all over the dinner table. *shudder*

But if you get a kit, you can torture your kid if you want and make the slot too little. That way your kid can never get to the money until piggy's full. And then you can have a special parent/child bonding moment when you slaughter piggy to get the money. Whatever. That's freaky. Make the money slot big, for crying out loud. Just do it.

This Piggy Bank Kid Kit makes one piggy. One is manageable. If you get more than one, and you let the piggies hang out together, I can't be held responsible.

Ours escaped from their pigpen and started messing around:

And showing off:

Then I think they started hittin' the sauce. And not the bbq kind for ribs, if you know what I mean. They must not realize that once a picture is on the internet, it stays on the internet FOREVER, because they decided to take this compromising picture:

And I'll bet you know how they ended up. Yep:

And that is why I can't be held responsible if you get more than one. All that bad piggy judgement because of liquid courage and a combination of the supplies that come in this box:

Happy Crafting!


Ali Richardson said...

SO SO SO cute! I think this is my favorite one so to the caterpillar.....and the mummy....and the...oh nevermind.

jenX said...

how cute! thanks for entering my contest. I've posted some updated information about it - the john hughes film giveaway. drawing is still friday.

Perfico said...

Super cute. Amazing list..! As makers of personalized Piggy Banks ourselves, we are always looking for new and interesting ideas, and your post really put a smile on our faces.

Thanks for sharing!


Khushboo said...

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