Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Leaf Suncatcher Kid Kit

The perfect craft kit for fall! These leaf suncatchers are simply beautiful. And the kit makes four of them - oh, the opportunities!

My kids and I made a set of them about a year ago and stuck them up on our basement window. They are still there. I just can't get tired of looking at them. The sun shines through and brings out the fall colors of the leaves and the bling of the sequins and it's just a pretty sight.
I think it's cool when kids can make something that is really, really beautiful. Because everything our kids make is wonderful (of course), but when they create something that would impress Martha Stewart, that's a whole different level of awesome.

Peyton and Ella love making leaf suncatchers and they love hanging them in windows all over the house. Over the years, we've made dozens of them. Seriously! We made a new set just a few days ago. I've explained about a hundred times that they can sprinkle the sequins on the glue to make it easy, but they'll have none of it. They insist on carefully placing each and every sequin:

Look at the concentration!

And I love how something that starts off looking like this:

Turns into this:

Except the Before picture is Peyton's and the After picture is Ella's, but you get the idea, right? You can see both of their finished leaves in this picture (Peyton's is the top right and Ella's is the bottom right, I did the others.):

So pretty!

Happy Crafting!

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