Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturn Craft Kit for Kids

My new Saturn Kid Kit is out of this world! Get it? I'm hilarious.

This planet Saturn is made using glow-in-the-dark paint. And the rings are made with glue and glitter. Lots of glitter. I apologize in advance. But when it's done - oh man! - it's really kind of awesome.

The words glow-in-the-dark paint had barely escaped my lips when my kids were jumping up and down in guinea pig anticipation.

So we painted and glued and glittered:

Peyton wanted his exactly like mine, so I helped him make rings of glue and glitter.

Ella is more of a free-form sprinkle-glitter-everywhere kind of girl.

And she saw the pink and green glitter up on the shelf and insisted on using those colors, too. For crying out loud. If baby girl wants a pink and green glittered Saturn, she can have it.

It turns out that one of the best parts about having a Saturn-on-a-String is spinning Saturn all around.

Peyton likes to spin Saturn by itself:

Ella likes to be a part of the spinning:

And then we hung their Saturns up on the ceiling and enjoyed their glow-in-the-dark-ness. So neat! And Peyton and Ella are so proud of their little planets!

Look at all the stuff you get in this kit!

Happy Crafting!


jflannery said...

Sign us up! I wanna BUY two of these! And a personal home delivery is a requirement, friend.

Darcy said...

Only if we can work out some sort of Saturn - Green Rice Crispy Treats trade. :)

Carla said...

I am jealous that my tired Mommy brain didn't think up these fabulous ideas first. You are just amazingly wonderful and creative! Truly, I am in awe!


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