Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Gnomes are Coming!

Each spring our local Reiman Gardens has a new theme.

This year: Gnomes.

Okay, really it's "A Celebration of Garden Ornamentation," but Who Cares? GNOMES GNOMES GNOMES! I never thought twice about gnomes.

Until I saw this guy:

I know. So awesome. He's the world's tallest concrete gnome! 15 feet tall! New York has one that's 13 feet tall. LAME! Ha ha New York. Suck it! Iowa rules!

I'm not saying that I want a bunch of little gnomes in my own yard, but I think I'm a little bit in love with this one. He's enough to turn anyone into a gnome convert. Don't you just want to give him a big hug and have him protect you?

While we were at the Gardens, we also took some silly pictures:

And some beautiful pictures that make my heart sing:

And Peyton and Ella jumped on the chimes:

And jumped REALLY HIGH on the chimes:

And gave the levitating David Blaine a run for his money:

And balanced:

And rolled down the hill:

Peyton likes to roll all crazy and out of control and so fast it's a miracle he doesn't break something:

Ella likes to roll calmly and with great control and so slowly that she has to use her arms and legs to push her down the hill:

And they schemed about rolling into Daddy:

And they did:

We also saw some unusual garden-type things:

And we saw some pretty garden-type things:

And I know my kids had a great time because every night, at bedtime, we talk about our "Best Parts and Worst Parts" of the day. Because it's a bedtime routine my mom always used to do it with my brother and me. It's important and special and I love it.

And on this night, when I tucked Peyton and Ella into their beds, Peyton said his best part was: "When we went to the Gardens. And when I rolled down the hill." And Ella said her best part was: "When we went to THE POOP GARDENS! And when I got POOP IN MY EYEBALL! And when I went POOP ON MY BUTT!" Because she's Ella.

Happy Spring!


Cap Creations said...

OMGosh! That gnome is awesome! I love it!

Sounds like you all had a great time!

Mommafo said...

Oh my gosh Darcy, that Ella just cracks me up. LOL!!!

And that place looks amazing! I LOVE Gnomes, and that one is soooo cool!!! Wow. XD

Anonymous said...

First, you have a really beautiful blog.. Love all of your pics, they are great.. The Gnome reminds me of the commercial that alway's play's on t.v.. Happy Creating..

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! Where is this place? My kids would love it!

4kidsgrandma said...

Great photos, Darcy...especially love the action shots and the flower close-ups! Good job!

Thais Iannicelli said...

Hi Darcy! I'm Thais Iannicelli, from Brazil, and I found your blog at "familyfun" and I must tell you that your job is just AMAZING! I've never seen it before!
P.S: I loooved your blog =D


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