Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Last night we had a storm. Here's what I saw from my backyard (behind the safety of my sliding glass door because THERE ARE ALL SORTS OF BUGS out there and I'm not an idiot.):

Neat, huh?

Today we were back to hot, sunny weather. Complete with Simpsons' clouds. I'm pretty sure that's the technical name for them.

I KNOW it's a cumulus cloud. Geez. I know because when I googled Simpsons' cloud just now my magical computer told me so.


Ali Richardson said...

I totally knew what you meant when you said Simpsons' clouds, ha ha!

hron said...

Fun to "see the storm" through your photos and with the safety of it happening yesterday! Tee, hee.

4kidsgrandma said...

Amazing photos! That's funny about the Simpsons' clouds on Google.

Paula said...

Wow! Those are some amazing shots!


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