Thursday, September 2, 2010

To Do List in Pictures

I've been busy. We're unpacking boxes and organizing. We still have lots and lots of regular house stuff to put away. And then there are THE TOYS. Oh my dear Lord. 

The sheer amount of toys in this little apartment is kind of amazing. Awe inspiring, really. James had to make me promise not to bring in anymore boxes of toys (there are still 6 or 7 humongous boxes) from their temporary storage space in the garage until we've figured out what to do with the 15 tons of toys that are already in here. It's so cute, though. As we open each toy box, it's like Peyton and Ella are discovering their old toys all over again. Watching them play with their toys just makes me happy.

But our house is a disaster. Boxes everywhere. Stuff everywhere. Toys everywhere.

So yesterday I made my To Do List in pictures. And let me tell you, looking over the before and after pictures makes me feel really accomplished. I totally recommend it. Anyway...

Under the temporary work table in the master bedroom:



Done! (Except somehow Barbie's puppies' dog bones ended up there. They are so very little. Every time I see all 4 bones at once I do a little jig because I can't believe we haven't lost any yet. And Ella got them like 6 months ago. I know! It's amazing. It might be a tiny accomplishment, but an it's an important one - just ask Ella. She freakin' LOVES those bones.)

Master bedroom by the dresser:

Okay, that spot looks pretty much the same. But I did stack up a bunch of magazines that were underneath the chair. I have a lot of magazine reading to do. I kind of love this pile.

Dining room area:

Done! I love this little desk. Peyton and Ella have used it for years. It is the well-worn and well-loved little desk that could.

Dining room table:

Done! See all the scribble marks? This table is so old that when my kids scribble on it by accident it doesn't bother me. I think of it like seasoning a cast iron pan. They're kid-seasoning our table. When we get a new one, though, watch out! Rules will be made and followed! No seasoning!

There are coupons somewhere in this pile of newspapers:

Done! Cut and organized! Let the savings begin!

My sweet kids. Today they made the kinds of little messes that I love.

Ella created some cards for her Daddy:

Peyton created a battlefield on my computer and file cabinet:

That's better. Now my world is a little more tidy and a little more organized and a lot more like home.


Amy said...

I love your pile of magazines, too, because it justifies my own big pile of magazines ;-)

It's about time to upgrade that desk, if it's as tiny as it looks in the picture. Can the kids actually still fit in it??

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Yea! It looks great!!

lfhpueblo said...

It's good you have the little green army men to take out any foreign invaders that might want to bomb it back into the way it was before.
Looks like you did more than your share of elbow grease there.

Darcy said...

Amy - I know! The desk is small, but the kids still fit! And they love it so much!

4kidsgrandma said...

Whew...good job! I'm impressed! You'll be so glad later that you took pictures of the kids' play areas and projects. I wish I had done that when you kids were little!

Andrea M said...

And I would add,.... a lot safer too with all the Army guys protecting you and your loved ones.


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