Sunday, February 20, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

And by few, I mean 2. 

I just found this trailer yesterday and I can't stop watching it. I think it may be my new Make My Day Happy Video. (Click on the title at the top of the preview to see it larger. It's best viewed full screen.)

This next one is my classic Go To. I've watched it a zillion times and it ALWAYS make me laugh. 

So, yeah, pretend drunk babies and lots of swearing. That's what makes me happy.

Do you have a Go To funny video for brightening your day?

1 comment:

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a $50 giftcard to PTAK apparel if you'd like to check it out. :) x


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