Saturday, March 12, 2011

Initiation and Redemption

Hey, so do you remember when I turned this $4 thrift store find:

into this lovely jewelry box that I lovingly gave to my sweet daughter for Christmas (out of love, because I love her):

Well! I got my first disapproving comment ever on my blog because of it. And, I have to say, I'm not even offended. I feel kind of honored. Like I've been initiated into the blogging world. Some of my favorite bloggers get awful comments all the time, so I think this means I'm In! 

Marja wrote:

"this is terrible - such a beautiful wooden piece of the past... you should have taken it to the antique restorateur instead of destroying its own beauty. Greetz from The Netherlands!"

Whoo Hoo! She's soooo jealous of me. 

There are lots of things I want to say to Marja.

Things like: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."  

And: "I'll be at the Thrift Store tomorrow at noon if you want to try to stop me from buying something else. Because I might buy some ugly piece of antique-y ugly ugliness just so that I can paint it and put it out of its ugly misery." 

And also: "Hey! I think I just saw you on Hoarders!"

But it all basically comes down to: "Suck it." 

ANYWAY! Guess what! Not even 4 days later....


Remember my $13 Paper Wall:

Well! Coolest compliment ever! If I can *sniff* just change one person's life *sniff* for the better *sniff* it's all worth it!

DC Baby wrote:

"I LOVE this idea so much that I stole it for my baby's nursery: 

I have gotten so many compliments on it!!"

It looks great! I especially love how Jennifer spaced out the paper. That takes so much patience and super precise measuring. And the colors are beautiful!

Thank you soooo much Jennifer! You totally made my day!!!! It's gorgeous!


Ali Richardson said...


kt said...

i love love love this paper wall idea! and i have the exact same pack of AC paper that DC baby used. hmmm.

Darcy, you've made me laugh so much and are a very inspiring woman! i'm about to move to idaho and your musings on life in iowa are helping ease me into that move. i'm excited about starting something new there. thank you!!!

GoddessMychele said...

I think 'suck it' is the perfect response! I *heart* you!

SugarandSpice said...

I actually really love how the wooden box turned out! Actually I am jealous it's not mine:) By the only matters when you strip an antique of it's original finish if it is actually an antique(which I don't think this was) and if you are trying to sell it for money(which you obviously are not). Well I love it and the paper wall. Not only do I love your projects and craft boxes you sell...but I always love your inflection in your writing.

4kidsgrandma said...

Your projects beautify our world, Darcy! The box was not constructed of beautiful woods with Old World craftsmanship. You gave it another life...yay for reuse!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Wow!! You just earned yourself a new follower! I was in love with the box, but then I saw the wall and holy, FABULOUS!

Congrats on the naysayer. ; ) I look forward to mine, but I've kept things pretty at peace so far. I guess that's good?

I'll be back here for sure. Maybe to copy that wall paper, gosh, that's fantastic!

Come over and say hello sometime! Or, come to win of my giveaway's; Thirsties Cloth Diaper or Sparkle Farms Bloomers for ages 3-7 (great gift idea too!).

Kelly said...

I love your sense of humor and I, too copied the paper wall for my office. Mine didn't turn out quite so well (I have zero talent for such things)but if not for your blog, I never would have tried it! As far as the wooden jewelry box did it a favor and I think it is beautiful! Thanks for posting all of your lovely projects!

Shauna said...

SWEET! I am a brand new follower here and would love you to come visit and follow me too :) Have a beautiful weekend! Shauna from

Darcy said...

SERIOUSLY! I love you all!

April@ Natural Nester said...

Bahaha!!! Great response to Ms. Debbie Downer...I think the box is gorgeous! :)

And the paper wall...oh my. So cute! I may try this in my daughter's new playroom!

Jenn said...

I just found your blog via Totally Tutorials and I must say, I'm so inspired!! I've now spent 45 minutes going through your old posts! :)

I just LOVE this scrapbook wall! What a genius idea...why didn't I think of that??


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