Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guess Where We Went!

James planned a little mini-vacation for us on the sly! Sweet, sweet, sneaky husband! We were only there for 3 days but we had soooo much fun!

See how many clues it takes you to figure out were we went! 

Clue #1

We stayed in our home state of California, but we flew on an airplane. This was Peyton and Ella's first plane ride, so it was a super big deal!

On our plane ride we saw typical plane stuff:

And The Simpsons:

And a storm a-brewin':

Pretty cool, right?

Clue #2

Our hotel room had this view ( that an island back there?):

Clue #3

We took a tour of a submarine:

I'll tell you, every single time Peyton came home from the school library last year, he either had a book about skateboarding or some sort of warfare - aircraft carriers, battleships, tanks - you name it. So seeing the inside of a REAL SUBMARINE was really cool!

Clue #4

We walked down a really, really curvy street!

Clue #5

We went to the best smelling bakery in all the land - Boudin Bakery: 

And we ate in their restaurant. And had clam chowder. In a sourdough bread bowl.

Clue #6

We went to an Aquarium where we got to see all sorts of sea life, like Sharks and Sea Stars and Sea Nettles:

And why the H E double hockey sticks does a sting ray need to look like this? It's just creepy!

The Aquarium also had some really useful information in their women's restroom:

Clue #7

We went to a Fisherman's Wharf where there were lots of sidewalk food stands:

And we had dinner at Nick's. Lobster bisque. In a sourdough bread bowl.

Clue #8

We saw A LOT of sea lions! 

I love this guy:

You know what? Sea lions are SUPER STINKY.

Clue #9

We took a bay cruise and saw this island close up:

And this bridge:

Did you figure it out yet?

Here's the final clue!

Clue #10

We spent $15!!! 

(On this souvenir picture. Totally worth the money because I love this picture!)

How many clues did it take you? :)


Ali Richardson said...

LOVE all the pics! Yay!! Hooray for happy family vacations :)

Ali Richardson said...

Oh, and I just had to type in that word verification code thingy to leave this comment :(

Darcy said...

ugh. I know. I had to turn it back on because somehow I was getting like 10-20 spam comments a day and it was driving me crazy. So lame!

4kidsgrandma said...

I didn't need any clues because I knew before you did about the surprise trip, ha, ha! Your photos are awesome, Darcy, especially the storm from the plane! Glad you had a great time.

Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

It looks like you all had so much fun. I LOVE San Francisco too!! :) Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pictures!!


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