Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Banner Craft Kit

It's new craft kit time! Introducing my new Halloween Pumpkin Banner! And this one, just like the Christmas Tree Banner kit, is for the whole family to enjoy!

The kit includes supplies to make a 7-foot banner with 12 spookilicious pumpkins. All you need to supply are a super awesome kid or two (you can have up to twelve kids make this kit) and scissors. Really, you don't even need to supply the kids. Make one all by yourself. I did.

But! If you do make one with the kids, here's the plan: You gather everyone at a table, or even a nice big spot on the floor, and lay out all the decorations I've included - short pumpkins, tall pumpkins, scrapbook paper stems, chenille stem vines, sequins, letters to spell out BOO, lots jack-o-lantern eyes and eyebrows and noses and mouths, and decorative ribbons! Whew! That's a lot of fun stuff!

Then you divide up the pumpkins and start decorating! It's fun and creative time for the whole family. Most importantly, it's quality time with your kids - it doesn't get any better than that!

When all the pumpkins are completed, you string them together to create a beautiful Halloween banner (and memory) that can be lovingly brought out year after year. 

If you have 2 or more kids decorating the pumpkins, and they each want a banner, it's no problem! Just cut the long banner ribbon into as many pieces as you need, and each child can make a mini-banner! 

And look at the cute packaging it all comes in! 

Here are some extra pumpkins the Ella, Peyton, and I made. 

Ella made the witch with the sequin face and purple and orange ribbon hair. Then she sweetly asked me to cut out a witch's hat. And that's why I now include a piece of plain black card stock in the decorations - just in case your kid is super creative and thinks outside the sequin-BOO-letters-jack-o-lantern-face-decorative-ribbon-box - I've got you covered!

Peyton made the scary-looking jack-o-lantern with the lightning bolt eyebrows. I don't think he even cared about the rest of the face. He based his whole pumpkin around those lightning bolts.

I made the mummy pumpkin with the orange and purple criss-cross ribbons. I love my spooky little mummy pumpkin!

And we strung them all up on a mini banner. I love it! And my kids love showing off the pumpkins they made.

Happy Halloween Crafting!


Meghan said...


Ali Richardson said...

LOVE doesn't even describe it. SUPER LOVE!!!!!!!

Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

I love this kit so much! Halloween is such a fun holiday to decorate for, and this makes it even more fun!! :)

4kidsgrandma said...

I think I'll have the family make one of these like we did with your Christmas banner. Put one down for me, please!


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