Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spring Canvas - Valentine's Day Style

So when I took down our Christmas decorations, it was all house-naked up in here. Especially the mantel. Sad, naked, naked, mantel.

But! I had an idea that I wanted to paint a canvas that I could use as a simple backdrop for some Valentine's Day and Easter decorations, soooooo.....

I armed myself with a Michael's coupon and headed on over to my home away from home. I picked out a large     24 x 30 inch canvas, brought it home, and then proceeded to get completely overwhelmed by the blankness of the thing. It's what I do. Every. Single. Time.

Then I put my big girl panties on.

And then I did a little measuring and taping.

And then I painted.

And then I moved the tape and painted some more.

I kept moving the tape and painting. Each block needed two or three coats of paint. And, because I'm me, I changed the color just a little bit every time I added more paint. So, no, it's not the picture quality changing the color. That would be me. And then I wasn't paying enough attention and I messed up the taping. *sigh* Might as well show you.

Not what I wanted at all! Soooo... I fixed it. And then I spent another hour or three going over every straight line with a teeny tiny paint brush and driving myself insane because no matter how hard I try, painter's tape and I are not best friends. At best, we tolerate each other's existence. But I finally beat the painter's tape lines and hung that sucker up.

It does need a frame. I'm looking! I'm looking! I promise! As soon as I find a good one, I'll let you know.

I painted some old bottles and Dollar Tree vases using this extra fancy technique. It did take much more time than spray painting them, but I love the extra gloss the glass provides because the paint is on the inside. And then I put a cute little heart sticker on the little bottles just because I could. 

I KNOW! The flowers! I usually don't have this many fake flowers going on, but I can't help it - I think they're perfect for spring! If I had a garden, maybe I'd use the real thing, but for now... I LOVE these!

Look how ugly this Estate Sale find used to be before I saved it. What do people keep inside such vessels? I have no idea. 

And look at it now! It's all growns up! Are you dying to know what I keep inside it? Lip balm. Because I stash lip balm in every room of my house. I'm addicted. Now you know my secret. My mantel holds flowers, painted vases, and lip balm.

Remember I said I wanted to use the canvas as a backdrop, right? I taped some jute to the back and clothes-pinned on some simple hearts I cut out of scrapbook paper to see if I liked the general look of it.

And I did! I liked it! So I took the hearts down and fancied them up a bit. Sparkle makes everything better.

Now those are some serious Valentine's Day hearts!

Happy Spring!


Deborah Jones said...

Very Cute and creative. Wish I could come up with random things like that!

Allison said...

So cute!!

I invite you to add this post (or any other Valentine's Day posts) the Find Some Love Fest on February 1st! 5 blogs, 1 party!


4kidsgrandma said...

WOW...That is beautiful, Darcy!
Your creativity continues to amaze your mom!

Carrie B said...

I love it too! Very colorful and fun!

Ali Richardson said...

PRETTY!!! I love how bright and cheery it looks and it's awesome that you can change it up with the seasons :) Well done sis!

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

Cute Valentine's Day idea. I chuckled when you said sparkle makes everything better. I actually wrote a post in December titled Glitter Makes Everything Better. :)
A few blog friends and I introduced a new challenge idea Monday and it would be so fun if you want to join. If you have a second, check in at http://thespacebetweenblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/imagine-the-impossibilities-challenge/ to learn more, and feel free to email me if you have any questions! Your newest follower.
Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

That is a really nice idea to brighten up a wall. And the heart cards are adorable! Love the bling :P
Feel free to submit this to my link party, would love to share it with more people!

Meredith from A Mother Seeking said...

Great idea for Valentine's Day!
Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

Mindie Hilton said...

Really pretty decor'. I host a weekly linky fri-monday and I would love for you to come strut your stuff. I am also hosting a Valentine contest starting monday, you should link up for a chance to win some great prizes.

Rose said...

Very pretty. I love it. And just in time for Valentine's day.

Crafty Mischief said...

Beautiful! I love the colors and the hearts! I found you through Craftomaniac. Thanks for sharing! :)


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