Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Stained Glass" Valentine Heart

Help your child decorate the windows with a beautiful Valentine's Day Heart! When the sun shines through, it looks just like stained glass.
This craft is perfect for kids 3 and up. Kids love this craft because they get to “paint” with liquid starch and play with colored tissue paper – what could be more fun?

Disclaimer: There will be no doubt that you are the coolest, craftiest parent on the block as all your neighbors stare in awe at your child's Valentine's Day masterpiece. Don't blame me if everyone wants to be your friend after they see the Valentine Heart in the window. I really can't be held responsible for your immediate fame.

Also, if you want some major family bonus points, make a few so that your child can give one to the grandparents as well. You're welcome! :)


Materials Needed:
Red, purple, pink, and/or white tissue paper
Red construction paper or card stock 
Wax paper
Liquid starch (not the aerosol kind)
Foam sponge brush
Red or white sequins

Prepare Your Materials

Tear the tissue paper into large (2-3 inch) pieces.

*Tip that you might not even care about: I can almost guarantee that if you give your child more than one color of tissue paper, she will want to use more than one color of tissue paper on her Valentine Heart. This technique will make a pretty mosaic-looking Valentine Heart. If you want a solid-colored version, you might want to give your child only one color.

Fold the red card stock in half and cut out a heart. The pictures shown are from the instruction sheet included in my "Stained Glass" Valentine Heart Kid Kit. Your template does not need to have a black border. Open up your heart template and place a sheet of wax paper on top of it. Make sure the wax paper is on top of the red heart template.

Pour some liquid starch into a cup. It’s a good idea to place the liquid starch cup on a plate. That way, if you accidentally spill it, you won't lose any liquid starch.

Create Your “Stained Glass” Valentine Heart

Use the foam sponge brush to “paint” a light layer of liquid starch on the wax paper. Fill in the outline of the red heart with tissue paper. Use the sponge brush to wet the tissue paper. It’s best to dab at the tissue, since a brushing motion may crumple or tear the tissue. Add one or two more layers of tissue paper to your Valentine Heart. The tissue paper should be completely wet with liquid starch when you are finished.

*Tip: Make sure to completely fill in the heart outline. If there are gaps in the tissue paper, there will be holes in your Valentine Heart and it won't be very sturdy.

Remove the red heart template from underneath the wax paper.

Let the tissue paper “Stained Glass” Valentine Heart dry overnight.

Finish Your “Stained Glass” Valentine Heart

A parent may want to do this first step, as it requires some fancy scissor and finger skills. Place the red heart template underneath the wax paper and use it as an outline to cut out your Valentine Heart. Very carefully, peel your tissue paper Valentine Heart off the wax paper.

Troubleshooting: If some of the tissue paper starts to peel away from your Valentine Heart, fix it by dabbing on a little white glue.

Fold the red heart template in half and cut another heart along the inside of the first heart. This will make a heart frame for your Valentine Heart. Dab a little glue around the edge of your “Stained Glass” Valentine Heart and attach the heart frame to it.

Decorate your Valentine Heart by gluing on the sequins. It’s easiest to dab glue onto the Valentine Heart and then place the sequins on the glue.

*Tip: Sequins are slightly bowl-shaped. Stick the bottom of the “bowl” to the glue for best adhesion. Sequins will stick to the oil on your fingers. It’s easy to put your fingertip in the “bowl” and then place it on the glue.

Use tape to attach your beautiful “Stained Glass” Valentine Heart to a window and let the sun shine through!

Go Ahead! Make One Yourself!

If you want to make a really pretty grown-up version, use black card stock to make a heart frame - it's so pretty and sophisticated!

Bonus Craft

You can decorate the middle of the red heart template with crayons and/or any leftover sequins and give it to someone you love. If you have a wooden craft stick lying around, you can glue it to the back of the heart and stick it in a plant for a pretty decoration.


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Thank you for this idea.

I nominated you for an award:

Kastina said...

OOOH cute! I think I did this when I was little. My mom was a Kindergarten Teacher...

DJ said...

Oh, I love this craft. I have a couple little boys I take of and have been looking for some ideas for them to make for their moms. Thanks!


Erin Tales said...

What a wonderful idea!


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