Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monster Rap!

I just made our traditional Halloween video on JibJab! Traditional as in I made my first one last year. Anyway.. It's so fun! And so freeeeeee! Well, some of them are free  - like the ones I did. You know how I roll.
Click on the titles to check 'em out! (Sometimes they take a while to load, you have to be patient - but it's worth it!)

Monster Rap 

DJ: Darcy
Dracula: Peyton
Frankenstein's Monster:  G.G.
Witch: Ella
Mummy: James

This video, and the one from last year, needs 5 characters. Last year I included our dog. This year I used Peyton's stuffed bear, G.G. Peyton and Ella could NOT figure out who played Frankenstein's Monster even though G.G. is an integral member of our family. But after they watched it a few times, they thought it was hilarious.

And, just because I could, and mostly because it was free, I also made a cool Star Wars video:

Star Wars

Luke Skywalker: Peyton
Hans Solo: James
Princess Leia: Ella
Lando: Darcy

My kids love these! We watch them over and over and over and over and...

Go make one!


Ali Richardson said...

Noah LOVES these and is now begging me to make one!

4kidsgrandma said...

I love them, too, and can understand why the kids watch them over and over! Good job!


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