Monday, October 19, 2009

Monster Mash!

Frankenstein: Ella
Dracula: Peyton
Frankenstein's Monster: James
Bride of Frankenstein: Me
Wolfman: Our sweet dog up in doggy heaven, Max

I presented it to Peyton and Ella this morning. During the entire first screening Ella would scream, "NO IT ISN'T!" every time I said, "Look! That's you! Look! There's Daddy!"

After a bit of explaining she finally understood how I had put our pictures in. Then my sweet kids watched that video approximately 20 times in a row. Ella spent her time during those screenings practicing the video dance moves and kissing our characters as they came up. Kind of awesome.

Thanks, Ali, for the great idea!


Priscila said...

how cute!!! Love this! I need to give my boys some eyeballs and have them do this...they will love it!:)
Im having a giveaway over at if you want to come by and take a look :)

Chrisy said...

Oh my...this is fantastic! The faces...the music...the moves! Well done...and thanks for sharin...I'm going over there to play!

jflannery said...

Finally a Darcy follower! Love knowing you. Oh...and Tommy has watched your video like a hundred times already!


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