Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flower Streamers Craft Kit

It's new craft kit time - Flower Streamers! And not just one new kit - three different kits in bright and cheery color combos!

Princess Flower Streamers:

Spring Flower Streamers:

And Summer Flower Streamers:

Of course, if you have a special color scheme in mind, let me know. I can hook you up! 

Flower Streamers aren't just for girls! Boys love streamers, too! And buttons! Everyone loves buttons!

Look how cute the packaging is! I love it!

Can you see in the package, the little bag that says wax paper? Wanna know what the wax paper is for? It's for your kid to use as a work surface so your table doesn't get all gluey. Because I want to make your crafting world as easy as possible. Because I care. And I want you to like me! I really do!

Anyway! Peyton and Ella loved making their streamers!

Peyton made his with green petals. Because he's a rebel.

Ella wanted to make two - princess colors, of course!

Both Peyton and Ella cut out all their own flower petals and middles - their cutting skills are really coming along! It was so fun watching them choose their button colors and decorate their flowers. 

Did you notice that all of the flowers they made have happy faces? Peyton's flower even has two happy faces! Now we have happy, happy flowers all over our house! I love it! 

The flowers get relocated constantly around our house - they've decorated doorknobs, plants, windows, and, of course, the floor. Yay for me. 

The green ribbon streamers on the bottom of each flower sway beautifully with the smallest little breeze. They also sway quite a bit when Peyton and Ella hold their flowers above their heads and run willy nilly all through the house.

When I asked Peyton about the craft he said, "It's really fun because you can do any design with the buttons and when you're done you get to hang it anywhere you want. And if you do different colors of buttons then it looks really cool." And I totally didn't even make him say that!

And Ella said, "I love making the flowers because when they're done they look awesome!"

I couldn't agree more. :)

Happy crafting!


Anonymous said...

Those kits are so cute. How fun for the kiddos.

Ali Richardson said...

SO super adorable!!!!!! xoxo

Lisa Marie Vinograd said...

So adorable!!! (and the flower kits are cute too! ;) )

Birthday Flowers said...

I love these kits, it looks like the kids really had fun making them! I love the colourful buttons!


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