Friday, November 4, 2011

Caterpillar Party Kit

I just finished another Caterpillar Party Kit!

I love doing party kits because I get to spend the time to personalize them. It's fun for me - it gets my crafty brain moving! And I love the idea that I get to help make a child's birthday a little extra special.

So, sweet little Cayden was turning one and his mom was planning a super awesome bug themed party for him. She was going with a light blue, navy blue, and light green color scheme and asked if I could color match the caterpillars. Why certainly! And not only that, I matched the party favor bags, too. I LOVE this stuff!

Happy Birthday, Cayden!

Since most of the party guests were going to be little, little, little, I prepainted the caterpillar heads and tails and precut all the caterpillar body circles. It's an easy, fun craft. Perfect for the littles.

And, of course, I always include:

And a little card, too!

And, guess what! Cayden's mom said the caterpillars were a HUGE hit!!! YAY! 

It's party time made simpler!


Ali Richardson said...

Soooooooooooooo awesome! I am a fan of your work :)

Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

I love your party kits!!!! It's such an awesome idea and you always put it together perfectly!! :) You rule!


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