Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Mantel

I haven't had a mantel in the last, umm... ten years-ish. So, even though we're renting this place, and the mantel wood probably rates a negative 7 in Darcy's Top 100 Favorite Woods, I'm still having a fun time decorating it.

And I really love what's going on up in this joint for Halloween Time.

And I did it on the SUPER CHEAP, which I especially love.

The only thing still up there from my usual mantel decor is the round wood vase. But I switched out the white silver dollar stems that are usually in it for some incredibly dark purple, spooky flowers. 

Then I bought a bunch of Dollar Tree cylinder vases, hurricane candleholders and taper candleholders. I even picked up a couple bargain candleholders from my favorite thrift store. 

I spray painted a couple of the taper candleholders lacquer black, the same that I used for my Halloween Branches, and left a couple plain glass because I like the sparkle. Then I Gorilla Glued the bases and the tops together. Don't they look so fancy? Gorilla Glue is fantastic, but it expands like crazy, so use the tiniest bit you possibly can.

I also wanted to leave a couple of the vases plain glass so that I could use them again for Christmas decorations. But then I couldn't help myself and glue gunned some spiders onto that orange candle vase, so there goes that one. Now it's stuck in Halloweenland for the rest of its life. The tall vase with the black base is filled with plastic spider rings I bought at Walmart last year. I love all the Halloween color they bring in. The eyeballs and skeleton guy bust are from The Dollar Tree.

The cute little Happy Halloween bucket I bought in the dollar bin at Target. Adorable, right? And I really love my skeleton bouquet I have going on in the tall vase. The silver glitter skeletons are from Michael's and the black ones are from a Dollar Tree skeleton garland that I took apart. The bony hands are from Michael's, but they were Peyton's. I had to trade him five eyeballs for them. Seriously. It was kind of awesome. I filled the rest of the bony hand vase with some leftover orange flowers to add more color.

The banners, of course, are from my shop. I especially love the one on the top, because Peyton and Ella helped me make it. 

I love my Halloween mantel! I love how the vases are bright and sparkly and I love all the Halloween colors. What do you think?

Happy Halloween Decorating!


Ali Richardson said...

It's spooktacular! You already know how I feel about it, but I had to tell you again. I love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

I L-O-V-E it!!!! You did an awesome job!

Marilyn said...

TThis is really awesome and very creatively festive for the season .. Love it :)) Officially following ya with smiles..Lovely creative blog you have here..Found you over at weekend wrap up..I'm Marilyn and would LOVE for you to stop in and visit sometime..Great creative blog you have here :)) -- Wishing you a lovely weekend..


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