Thursday, October 11, 2012

3D Hand Drawings

I saw this cool 3D Illusion Hand Drawing on pinterest. The actual pin doesn't even have written directions, just step by step pictures, but don't worry, that's all you'll need! 

So my kids and I sat down with some paper, a pencil, and some markers and got to work.

It was awesome. And by IT, I mean the quiet that consumed the dining room as my kids worked for a good half hour creating their 3D hand drawings. The hand art turned out great, sure, whatever, but it was The Quiet that was MAGNIFICENT. And, therefore, I strongly recommend this art project.

Peyton is 8. He ran out of steam before he could color the bottom two rows, but still it looks pretty darn cool.


Ella is 6. She colored her fingers different colors, "So they'll stand out more!" Geez. Maybe it's not as strong of a 3D effect, but we'll pretend it is anyway because we love her. For only being 6 years old, I'm still pretty impressed.

Both Peyton and Ella LOVE their 3D hands. They are totally proud and amazed at what they accomplished. It was a simple project with only few supplies and no mess at all. And the QUIET! Did I mention the quiet?

This next one is mine. I think it looks so cool! 

Art project success!


Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

SO awesome! I want to do one. It would be fun with one for everyone in the fam - on the wall - on cavases even - with paint - lol. I love it! Such a fun project and I hear you on the quiet...that sounds amazing (even though my kid just squeals/whines - no talking - it would still be nice. :) )

Ali Richardson said...

Awesome!!!! Those turned out great (sweet sweet Ella - love it). Hooray for QUIET!! Shhhhhhhhh!!!!


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