Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm Back!

A little bit. I'm trying to back into the swing of my blog. I know I was never really in full-force before. I mean, c'mon! Once a week blogging? It's for blogging wimps.

I am a blogging wimp.

I love my blog, I love sharing things with you, and I LOVE reading your comments, but sometimes blogging is a little bit of a labor of love. I kind of enjoyed my summer off. I may do it again. Watch out!

Anyway! Let me start off with a super short post about what we've been doing a lot of lately:

Which is, mostly, laying around this house in different places, trying to find the coolest place possible in this UN-RE-LENTING HEAT.

Because we moved! Yay! But we have no air conditioning! Boooo!

Today was ONE HUNDRED. AND THREE. Because just one hundred degrees is just not enough. So nature threw in an extra bonus three degrees. Damn you, nature.

Anyway, Penny has found her perfect spot. On the cool stone next to Norman the Meditating Gnome. I may kick her off soon because that most definitely looks cooler than my place on the couch.

Tomorrow is only supposed to be 94 degrees. Don't be jealous.


Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

It is H-O-T! It was 97 degrees at 5 pm yesterday at my house :/ NOT cool (literally). But that puppy is too adorable for words!!!!! & so are you!...& that gnome, of course...& your new place rules....ok, I could go on and on - lol.



4kidsgrandma said...

Welcome back...looking forward to your interesting, and funny, posts. Oops...no pressure, Darcy!

Ali Richardson said...

She blogs....hooray!!!!!! h-o-t is the name of the game. No bueno. xoxo


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