Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tissue Ghosts

Every Halloween-time my kids and I make Tissue Ghosts. They're fun and fast and incredibly easy and practically free. And also because I remember making them with my mom when I was little.

This year we decided to hang all of our ghosties (Tissue Ghosts, Glue Ghosts, Windsock Ghosts) together in one area. You know, for that designer grouping effect. We call it the Ghost Garage.

I also call it Making Martha Stewart Cringe - One Colored Pushpin at a Time:

If you've never made them before, don't worry - you probably have all the necessary materials in your house already. Maybe not the perfect Martha Stewart-worthy materials, but really, it's a craft made out of hanging Kleenex from the ceiling, so who cares? Right?
I'll tell you who cares: Peyton cares. Halfway through hanging the ghosts with the only pushpins I had in the house, he said, "Mommy, you REALLY need to get some clear pushpins." And I was all, "I have taught you well, young grasshopper."

Tissue Ghosts

Facial Tissue
Fishing Line
(or white string if you're rebellious like me)
(crazy colored ones if you're rebellious like me)


Crumple up one piece of tissue into a ball. Notice the concentration on Ella's face:

Put it in the middle of another tissue, and fold that tissue up around the ball.

Cut a long piece of string and tie it around the tissue to hold the ball in place. Leave one end of the string long so you can hang your ghost:

Use the marker to draw a face on your ghost like this:

Or like this:

And make the "Boooooooooo!" sound:

Swing your ghost around and knock your sibling in the head a few times:

(Peyton's gray tooth is starting to fade back to white a little bit!)

Hang your ghost from the ceiling with a pushpin and scare all your friends!

Happy Haunting!


Mommafo said...

Ahhh I love your sense of humor. :)

Ali Richardson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! The kids, and the ghosts!!!! XO

Cristin said...

Very cute pix of you darling kids!


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