Saturday, December 17, 2011

Epsom Salt Snow - Part 2

So last post I told you about how I made a bunch of these snowy candle holders with my new favorite snow substitute.

AND THEN!!! I got some of my favorite candlesticks from The Dollar Tree. I also grabbed a taller candlestick that I had already glued to a cylinder vase. I covered the top in a piece of plastic tablecloth that I cut to (hopefully) look like snow drifts when all was said and done. 

I spray painted them all white in my personal paint booth. Yes. It is a cardboard box. I'm so fancy!!!

Wintery white!

I coated the candlesticks with a nice layer of Mod Podge. And then I covered those suckers with Espom salt. I'm not gonna lie, after it all dries, the salt falls off like crazy if you touch it. It even falls off a little if you glance in its general direction. It's totally worth it to me, because it's so pretty.

Then I attached some pretty Dollar Tree vases to the candlesticks with Gorilla Glue, just like I did here.

Filled with big colorful jingle bells...

And sparkly garland....

And, hey! That one does kind of look like it's covered in snow drifts!

Way to rock it out, Epsom salt.


Isi said...

sooo cute !!

greetz from Germany

Ali Richardson said...

Awesome!!!! I love it, but I won't look at it for too know, in case it all falls off! Ha ha! xo

Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

They turned out awesome....SO pretty and festive! I too only glanced so as not to cast snow all over your pretty home - LOL. Silly falling snow :/


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