Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gnome and Mushroom Banner Craft Kit

YAY! I just created a brand spanking new craft kit! It's about time, I know!

Here's how it all started. I lived in California. I didn't care about gnomes. It's sad, but true. I'm a little ashamed.
I moved to Iowa and I went to Reiman Gardens where they had this traveling exhibit. And I fell in love with gnomes.
Then I moved back to California. I seriously needed some gnomes in my life so I created this gnome kit. It only took me two years. Because I'm really speedy like that. The end.

Gnomies! And mushroom homes for shelter, of course!
Here's what you get!
3 boy gnomes!
3 girl gnomes!
6 mushrooms!
And enough jute twine to string them all together to make the sweetest dang banner you ever did see!

And I'll even send you a page full of exclamation points if you didn't get enough just now.

The boy gnomes come with lots of choices of fancy scrapbook paper shirts and pants and beards. And bling just in case your gnome wants a sparkle beard. It might just give him the boost he needs to pick up some gnome chicks. Who knows? Help a gnomie out!

The girl gnomes come with lots of choices of fancy scrapbook paper dresses and aprons and curly rick rack ribbon hair. And bling just in case your gnome wants sparkly hair. And, really, what girl gnome doesn't want sparkly hair? It brings the magic I tell you!

The mushrooms come with lots of choices of fancy scrapbook paper mushroom caps and stems and wide fancy stripes. And cute little doors and windows that don't even open and are way too small for the gnomes to actually use. Whatever! Maybe they can use their magic or something. Don't give me any grief, gnomes! Make it work!

You will only need scissors for this kit. It's great scissor practice for kids to cut out the preprinted, colorful, and simple scrapbook paper and cardstock shapes. And, besides, cutting the shapes is relaxing, easy, and it provides great quality time.

And! I've also included decorative ribbons, hand-punched paper flowers and butterflies, sparkly sequins, 
colorful buttons, and scrapbook paper shapes. 

Oh! And rosy cheeks! I almost forgot about the rosy cheeks!

It is a lot of cuteness.

Not that you need an excuse to bring gnomes into your life, they do bring magic and good fortune, after all.


This kit would also be perfect to decorate a woodland-themed party. Or you could have the party guests create their own gnomes to take home as a party favors.

Or you could make your own gnome family. Have each member of your family make a gnome and a mushroom house - how cute would that be!!!

I don't know. I might just make a bunch to hang from the ceiling in my closet. So that they can greet me every morning with their magical adorableness. And maybe they can do some cleaning up in there. I mean, if they're just going to be standing around all day. They might as well do something. Get to work, gnomes!

Anyway. They come all packaged up in this:

Cute, right?

Happy Gnoming!


Ali Richardson said...

SERIOUSLY by far the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!! GNOMES!!!!!!! xo

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love love love love love love love! love it! so stinkin cute!!!!!!!

Lisa @ Turning Tables said...

I SUPER_DUPER love this one. MY FAVORITE!!!! xo


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